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Blackfish are delighted to be supporting Abby Farkas a young, up and coming, competitive swimmer who trains in our swimwear.  Here she is in the Blackfish kit!

Abby won an impressive gold medal in the Butterfly at the ASA Nationals last summer and whilst our swimwear is designed for every woman, it feels undeniably good to swim in a suit that competitive swimmers train in! Thank you for the extra boost Abby!

As the season begins Abby will be posting a monthly message on our blog and sharing some of the background to training and competition.  I’m sure you will join us in wishing her the very best for a great season!


Hi it’s Abby here,
It’s Friday the 20th January and I’m sitting on my bed in my room. There’s no training tonight, it’s cancelled because tomorrow is one of the biggest competitions of the year, The County Championships 2017. There is lots of pressure on our club this year as we are the defending County Champions from last year. My coach is quite serious about this competition and wants us to win the most gold medals we can! I am feeling quite positive, nervous and excited about tomorrow. I have had some really successful training sessions recently e.g. last Sunday we did a test to practice racing against competition and all of my times were on target, so that is positive! This week we have just focused on dives, turns and racing technique. On Wednesday morning we did some races from dives so that our bodies would get used to racing in the morning when our muscles are less awake. From my coach I have been given 3 focus races which means that he has set me times that I should achieve at the Counties. My fly races are always my main focus 50, 100 and 200, I am ready for those! Also The County Championships is an opportunity to qualify for The Midland Championships in May and then The English Nationals and British Championships in the summer. Counties run over three weekends and finish on the 18th February. I will report back on how I did after the competition is finished.

Wish me luck! 


SWIM RESULTS - Huge congratulations to Abby for a very successful weekend, her medals so far: 2 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze!

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