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So here it is Mudhdhoo Island in the Maldives.

This last beach was a hard one to choose.  But because it's nearly the end of 2016 and it's been a rough year, we felt our last beach needed to be a reminder of the breathtaking beauty of the small when seen working collectively.  So we are in Mudhdhoo island in the Maldives with the watery equivalent of the fire fly.

This amazing picture was captured by William Ho but you can also see this natural phenomenon in Puerto Rico, San Diego, Jamaica, Thailand, Japan and even Belgium and Wales!

Mudhdhoo is about 4km in circumference.  I shall be swimming the whole island twice this week, half at each session (40laps each time).  This way I can continue to enjoy all the food and festivities without a shred of guilt.

We hope 2016 has been kind to you all and wish you good health and happiness for 2017 x

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