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10 Tips To Get You Moving...

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So that's it pools are closed and outdoor swim venues are shut and no matter how tempting it is to drive to the beach or a lake we must, must, must follow the government directive and stay home…
So a few days in, now is the time to set in place a plan to maintain your sanity with some exercise, try and be as active as possible within the parameters we've got.
For those of us who can get out there is the opportunity to go for a run or a bike ride or just a walk to reconnect with nature and get some fresh air and a spot of Vitamin D.
For those who are forced to be indoors without that option we thought you might like a few ideas on how to keep active.

Top Ten Tips

1 Hit the exercise routine first thing, before the kids are up. You can avoid the distraction of youngsters and the mocking gaze of teenagers! Try the Ten Minute Wall Workout 

Go to

But watch out for your nose in that last exercise!!!!

2 Get one of your friends to be an exercise partner on Zoom, give yourselves the target of an online Friday evening drink with them to keep you going!

3 Set a goal if you're a target driven individual. Do couch to 5K if you are sure your current level of fitness is up to it. Obviously in the current situation it is not possible to check with your doctor so if you are at all unsure stick to something safe like a long daily walk instead…

4 Use a journal to plot your activities, it will be an encouraging reminder that you have been putting some time in to look after yourself. If you are out running try taking photos and putting them in your log, be creative write poetry jot down your thoughts...

5 If you'd prefer some NHS reassurance here is their 10minute workout

6 ****Learn something new***** All that time on your hands and stuck indoors try Samba dancing or any style of dancing you fancy.... There's lots of you tube videos out there to get you started 

If you prefer the structure of an online course or would like a DVD there are plenty to choose from just google it...

7 Remember a bit of exercise helps you to eat healthily and lets face it when the stocks of crisps and chocolate are this high we need a little assistance!

8 Dig out the Wii Fit from under the sofa it was worth hanging on to after all. Those mindless running on the spot games are bizarrely quite effective at keeping you in shape and maybe you can do some of them with your kids?

9 At Blackfish we are still suckers for Just Dance - best results used with water and not Gin!

Don't forget DIY - a bit of painting and decorating is a great way to stay active with some very satisfying results, we are thinking finished rooms not necessarily your body! If  your loft/shed is anything like ours you already own enough unused DIY kit!

Take care

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