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Rocky beaches are amazing, jumping off boulders then lying on hot stone in wet swimmers just can’t be beaten by sand...

This week’s Beach of the Week is Arvanitia in Nafplio Italy, there are lots of glorious beaches in Italy but this one is magical, a ten minute walk from the town and just a step off the promenade onto the rocks and you’re in the water, great for a budget traveller with no wheels.


The stone promenade pretty much runs the length of the beach approximately 1.25K, it’s much shorter than last week but the plan is to swim the full length 1.25K at every swim session. So for you swimmers in the 25 metre pool that’s a neat 50 lengths or 25 laps and for me in my 30 metre pool it’s a messy 42 lengths or 21 laps. I am aiming for 4 sessions this week, tiny bit stressed with the builders having invaded the office space and swimming is my absolute go to stress reliever. We’ve done a couple of weeks building up our aerobic capacity so you should be feeling a good deal fitter this week. If you don’t think you can make it then remember the PERKS, don’t set yourself up to fail, keep realistic targets, hit your targets and reward yourself. The positive feedback loop is essential before you know it you’ll be leaving the pool with a spring in your step having improved your fitness and felt good doing it.

Next week we will be shaking things up a bit and introducing the option of some shorter faster swimming with rest stops in-between, just as good for fitness as swimming for long periods, some argue better. If you feel you’re not up to this or you prefer the Zen like meditation of swimming without changing strokes or speed then next week’s Beach of the Week will still work with that.

See you again next week.  Happy swimming x

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