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This weeks beach of the week is Balos in Crete

Balos Beach is on the northwest coast of Crete and a little out of the way. You can either hire a 4 x 4 and drive the track road from Kaliviani for 10K and then do the muscle burning 30 minute hike or there’s a boat from Kissamos that can take you and pick you up but as you’ve probably guessed the muscle burning hike is what is needed. There is something amazing at the beach after the last boat has left so if you can hire a car and do the walk it really is worth it...

It looks like a lagoon from the hills above the beach, it’s all luscious white sand and prefectly clear water. The island Gramvoussa is the island opposite and has a Venetian palace on it with some incredible views

Our swim this week on popular request will not have swim sprints but we will go back to some mindful swimming focussing on engaging our muscles in every stroke.  The distance around the island and back to the beach is approximately 3.5K so a good target to cover in 3 sessions this week.

Phia Styn wrote very eloquently about slow swimming in H2 OPen a couple of months ago but here is a link to some research into mindful swimming
and an extract below of what we are aiming for this week...

“Just going through the motions happens when you are physically doing everything you should, but mentally you are playing over the events of the day, worrying about what your best friend or your crush might be thinking, planning what you’ll do after practice or on the weekend, or any number of other possible scenarios that are anything but paying attention to your swimming.”

“You can start practicing mindfulness by honing in on your breathing—just the feeling and sound of exhaling fully underwater and simply drawing air in when your mouth exits the water. Or you can experience the rhythm of your stroke, the comfort of the water holding you up, the rush of the water past your ears, the miracle and craziness of hundreds of people swimming in circles and spaced just so. In other words, just be, and practice attention by gently drawing your mind back to your experience when it begins to wander away to all else in your life.”

Happy swimming x

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