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Beach of the Week is Hengisbury Head in Mudeford, mostly because if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know I’ve just spent the weekend there so it’s on my mind. 

I love this beach and the one after the ferry, that runs up to Friars Cliff which has the added bonus of George’s Cafe but also because two of my most favourite people in the world live in Mudeford.

Hengisbury Head is approx 1K long with a series of groins that run across it which gives us a great visual marker for our swim sprints that we are trying out this week. If you don’t fancy swim sprinting then the swim along Hengisbury Head and round as far as the Bistro Cafe is approx 3K so you can use that as a 1K swim for each of your swim sessions and do three in the week to hit your aerobic fitness target.

Alternatively we have borrowed some advice from Dan Bullock on improving your speed over a six week programme. His first week is a swim fitness week which we have already done over the last few weeks, so start your first session this week with a fitness test. Swim as many lengths as you can in 3minutes start slowly but build up your speed, make a note of it in your swim bag somewhere so you can then repeat this after 6 weeks and see your improvement.

Swim training can get very complex but we are going to avoid all laminated sheets with complex lists and keep it simple and achievable.

This week swim 12 lots of 2mins of front crawl. This should vary between 1-3 lengths with varied rests in between. If you’ve been focussing on aerobic distance it’s hard to imagine what sprint swimming feels like. So if you’re struggling to find how fast you can go then I would suggest imaging something that makes you really mad and then swim two lengths really cross and that will give you an idea of how fast you can swim when you really want to. Not very Zen I know but if anyone has any other ideas then let me know? This is about starting to push yourself a little harder which will bring lots of benefits, not just aerobic fitness but muscle strength, core building and general toning up of muscles.

Most importantly don’t forget to plan in your treat for the week!... x

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