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This week’s swimming motivation is the tiny island of Malapascua off the north coast of Cebu. 

It’s about 2.5km long by approximately 1km wide, really very small, but ideal for a weekly swim challenge. You can cover half the island in three swim sessions or the whole island over four/five sessions.

I was here with my husband about 18 years ago, pre-children and pre-all-wedding proposals. It is truly beautiful, but we had a ridiculous holiday, ended up taking a tiny fishing boat in the middle of a typhoon through shark occupied waters to find medical help only to be told that I was almost certainly allergic to the island and I should best leave or stay indoors for the rest of the holiday!

The allergy was made marginally more bearable by swimming so we got to know the island really well by the end.

So this week we are going to focus on maximum sensory pleasure and process not outcome. We are aiming for mindful swimming, swimming in the moment, concentrating on breathing and muscle movement so we can become aware of how our bodies work through the water.
As Terry Laughlin says on his blog
“Focus on Process, not Outcomes. Katie Ledecky said she never thought about the time she might swim. She probably never gave the other swimmers in the pool more than a passing thought. Instead she focused on experiencing maximum sensory pleasure in her own stroke.
This is a goal all of us can pursue in practice. Before, say, a 100m repeat swim, rather than think about the time you’d like to swim, focus on key sensations in your stroke–weightlessness, a sense of ‘moving through the water like an arrow through the air, and of working with, not against the water.”
If you’d like to read the full article go to

So that’s a really lovely goal to go into the week with - aiming for “maximum sensory pleasure”

Have a happy mindful swimming week x

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