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Best Holiday Books

On the last holiday I didn't finish one book so don't imagine for a second that I take 6 books away and read them all. I am constantly distracted by staring at blue sky or the inside of my eyelids when the kids allow!
These are very much my favourite reads but if an encyclopaedic set of magazines is your preferred holiday read you go for it!

The Effortless Read
The Woman who went to bed for a year - Sue Townsend

A hilarious read you'll laugh and probably cry a little at the same time Her sharp observance of family life will resonate with every woman. Thoughtful insights into the absurdity of suburban life with her trademark dark humour running along just below the surface.
A book tinted with real truths about life and how easy it is for any one of us to slip through the net and have our life unravel.

The Binge Book
The Queen of Bloody Everything - Joanna Nadin

This for me is the one you can't put down, it'll have you awake at 3 in the morning unable to stop reading, a completely knock out book
The bitter sweet coming of age novel sharply observing the painful complex muddle of family life and the longing for something else.
For every woman who has had a complex relationship with their mother this is for you...

The Thriller
The Missing Girl - Jenny Quintana

It's been labelled a psychological thriller but is equally about relationships.
Anna's mother has died and she returns to the family home, the one she left as soon as she could. When she was 12 and her 15 year old sister disappeared there were no answers. But when she goes home she begins to investigate and uncover truths and answers that have been missing for years.

The Life Changing book
This changes everything - Naomi Klein

If like me you usually find it hard to get the head space together to digest anything more meaningful than online news or a magazine article at the hairdresser and that holidays are a window to change that then this could be that one meaningful read.
For everyone who cares about the future of the human race. As Naomi Klein points out the planet will survive and right itself but our obsession with fossil fusel will shortly mean we no longer have an environment we can live in.

The Short Attention Span Set of Short Stories
Love of Fat Men - Helen Dunmore

If the prospect of committing your attention to a novel is a step too far then this is a perfect alternative. A beautiful collection of short stories through Helen Dunmore's eyes. Her writing is magicaL she conjures a vision out of the sparsest web of words
"held in the glassy tissue of boredom like flies in amber."
A thoroughly relaxing read.

The Laugh Out Loud Book
The Worst Date Ever - Jane Bussman

Gut achingly funny you'll be screaming at the page.
The comedy write Jane Bussman moves to Hollywood to write movies but ends up fictionalising as a celebrity journalist interviewing the likes of Britney and Paris and consequently almost losing her mind. In a life redirection she heads to Africa to interview a very attractive peacemaker. A work of complete brilliance and all true. If you want to change you life this book is for you…

Happy Holidays x

Lisa - The Founder Blackfish Swimwear

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