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Blackfish are delighted to bring you Abby's June post!

If you missed her other blogs, Abby is a competitive all round swimmer who trains in our swimwear. She won an impressive gold medal in the Butterfly at the ASA Nationals last summer and has won another gold at the East Midlands Championships this year!

Hi It's Abby here!

It’s Wednesday 31st May, it’s a nice sunny day and I thought it would be a good time to write my blog on the East Midlands Swimming Championships! The Midlands ran from 28th May to the 30th May (Saturday to Monday). The event was held in Sheffield, Ponds Forge in the International 50m pool. On Saturday morning I had the 100m backstroke and the 200m Individual Medley, those two races didn’t go very well. My technique in my backstroke wasn’t very good resulting in a slow time. On my Individual Medley, my time was slightly off what I had done in a competition before, this was because I went out too slow. But, I just shook it off and went and had lunch!
In the afternoon session I had 200 fly and 200 breastroke. My 200 fly heat wasn’t the best time that I have done, but it was enough to get me into the final in the evening! I was seeded 3rd. My 200 breastroke felt good, but the time was a little bit off my pb.
So, then came the finals, all of the finals from the day were held in the evening. My 200 fly final was in the middle. I was feeling confident about it and I had nervous excitement. My race went really well and I ended up winning by almost 3 seconds. I got a long course and a short course pb! My time that I achieved has made me 16th in the British Rankings and so I’m going to the British Swimming Championships in the 200 fly!
On Sunday I only had three races, 200m frontcrawl, 200m backstroke and 100m fly. My frontcrawl and backstroke went well as I got two long course pb’s. My 100 fly in the afternoon secured me a place in the final. The result from the heat showed that I and all my main competitors were all within 0.8 of one another so that made it more promising. In the evening I just had the 100m fly final, it was so frustrating as I completely messed it up and I didn’t attack it, so I missed out on a medal and I didn’t get a pb, this also meant that I’m not going to the English Nationals in the 100m fly, so I have learnt a lesson that I should just be confident and go for it when I’m in a final.
Monday was my final day and I had 50m fly and 50m back. My fly race got me into the final, my backstroke felt good but my time was just slightly off. My 50M fly final time was better than my heat but it was still off my pb, unfortunately I have not got to the English Nationals for the 50 fly either! The 50 fly ended my Midland Championships 2017! Overall, my Midlands was slightly disappointing; last year I qualified to swim in three events at the English National swimming championships, but I have improved in one way because I have got to the British Championships in one event the 200M Fly.
So, all of my training that I’m doing now is to work towards the British Championships in 7 weeks time! I’m excited and really looking forward to it, I will give you an update next month on how my training is going as well as how I have done at our Grantham Summer Club Champs!
Abby xx

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