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End of Week 2...

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So at the end of week 2 and acclimatising to our brave new world we have discovered a few things…. 

1 It is not possible to persuade a 17 year old that getting dressed Mon - Fri is a good thing. He laughed in my face!

2 Fitness DVDs really date, who out there has found that dusty copy of Davina's fitness DVD??! But desperate times call for extra effort!

3 The capacity for kindness in people is incredible. Yes there is a small minority out there with a level of arrogance and ignorance that is astonishing but this week I am thankful for all of the others. Our amazing NHS, doctors, nurses, paramedics, the unsung cleaners who make sure hospitals are safe and those who follow the rules and stay home, those who keep working feeding the nation, those who keep the sewage and utilities going, collecting our rubbish, policing our supermarkets and the teachers who keep the school running for key workers, thank you. It is a humbling time.

4 On a less serious note, your skin and hair is a whole lot smoother if you stop swimming for two weeks.

5  Do not use hedge trimmers to vent your frustrations, it ruins the hedge, frightens the neighbours and you forget the garden waste is no longer being collected.

6 Thank you to the creators of House Party for keeping my youngest sane. He and his friends talk all day while they do school work and every now and then I catch the odd soundbite. Yesterday I overheard him say to his friend 

"Jack I really don't think that is true.........Did you read that in the Daily Mail? ........... Well it must have been the Sun then!" 

My job as a parent is finished. ( Yes, names have been changed)

7 Cutting hair is sooooo much fun. Honestly, you have to give it a go....

8 It is important to position your Ipad/phone/computer camera very carefully if you are to avoid looking 90 on Zoom it is not true - the camera does lie.

There is a very subtle perfect blue tint to a British sky.

10 No matter how much time you have on your hands some of us are never going to be inclined to tidy up!

We hope you and yours have got through the week in reasonable shape and that you have a healthy restful weekend wherever you are…xxx

Take care

Movie recommendation of the week - Silver Linings Playbook - just one of the best films of all time.

TV Series - Mr Robot - don't try and understand it, you just have to relax into the unexpainable nature of it all.

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