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End of Week 3...


So at the end of week 3 and what's new….

1 Emily Maitlis is the woman of the hour.

2 Despite his politics the whole nation wished Boris well.

3 When we said cutting hair was fun we should have added...only cut your own hair never your children's... or you will be regarded with a new level of loathing

2 Swimmers are so not strong on land.  Pilates core strength is a new realm of fitness and we love it.

3 Self isolating in a house with others is incredibly complicated.  We came to the conclusion none of us could ever be a criminal because none of us could master wiping down finger prints!

4 Clapping on a Thursday evening is a bonding moment.  I love our neighbours and this very British way we have of showing our gratitude to the NHS, paramedics, shop keepers, waste collectors, police, fire service, sewage plant workers and everyone who is making the country function while the rest of us stay home.

5 Social media is a black hole for time and best avoided or at the very least rationed - as is the news.

6 Whats app uses up an astonishing amount of battery, why?

7 Tinned chunky chicken is disgusting whereas tinned spaghetti hoops, they are still delicious!

8 We still believe exercise is the key to maintaining a level head now or at any other time.

9 It's important not to read things into situations that are not there.  One lost wedding ring and I almost had to slap myself from thinking it was foreshadowing something terrible. It is not. It just shows I am careless and I should tidy up more.

10 Who would have thought finding a packet of yeast at the back of the cupbaord would be so exciting - we are playing fast and loose with the use by date - close enough!

We hope you and yours have got through the week in reasonable shape and that you have a healthy restful weekend with a chocolate egg or two…xxx

Take care

Movie recommendation of the week - Hot Fuzz - Nick Frost in the fence scene just gut achingly funny.

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