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January newsletter - Happy 2018!


Happy 2018!


Whether it's a new fitness plan or a cheeky holiday, to help you on your way we have an Exclusive 30% discount

Use BLACKFISHJANUARY at the checkout until the end of January. Shop at   


Then don't make any! Just take yourself down the pool for a swim. Do it for the fun of it, because it's a truly fabulous feeling and you and your body will love it!
And after grab yourself a delicious FUEL 10K breakfast to start your day off full of energy. It is our favourite post swim food - an essential for the gym/swim bag!

Free Fuel 10K!

Get FUELLED and Go For It. That’s FUEL10K moto. When you have something to aim for, that stretches you and triggers your endorphins, FUEL10K will help you on your journey, whatever the goal may be. Making mornings easier so you don’t have to think too much while you get sorted for the day ahead. Even better we are giving away a FREE BREAKFAST, click the image and sign up to grab your FREE FUEL10K Granola, Breakfast Drink, Yoghurt Drink with Quark or Porridge Pot. Breakfast just got better. Available in Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Waitrose and OCADO.

Spa of the Month

January can be a tough grey month!
If you need a pick me up and you missed our Top Spa recommendations
head on over to our blog and check out our favourites.

And lastly

It's that time of year when diets are rampant on social media.
We don't talk diets much at Blackfish Swimwear we think all our customers get the basic idea that if you eat less, move around more, you will lose weight and get fitter!
But in light of all the extreme and unhelpful food regimes out there our one piece of advice is make one change at a time.

Either give up alcohol for January
swop all your white pasta, white rice and white bread for brown
swop crisps for a piece of fruit
OR get the idea!

Happy Swimming  x

Lisa - The Founder 

Blackfish Swimwear

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