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Our Top 10 Water Activities for you & the kids or just the kids…


So that's it schools out for summer...

And now we spend the next 6 weeks trying to balance out screen time with other activities. 

It can get tough so we thought you'd appreciate a couple of ideas.  

Here our are our ten favourites, great for the whole family or for teenage kids to go off and do on their own. If you have any other suggestions please do add them on the link below...

1. Try an SUP paddle boarding lesson with the kids, a laugh and great for fitness

2.Take a lilo out into the garden for a star gaze

3. Take up a lifeguard/life saving summer course planning ahead for them to get a 

job next summer

4. Make your own ice popsicles

5. Become a resident at your local lido and invest in an inflatable rubber ring. It can 

be a target to jump in at the pool or a frisbee or just leave it to the kids they’ll make 

it up as they go along…

6. There’s usually a water polo summer course going on at your local lido, great fun 

and you won’t believe how fit the kids will get over the summer

7. Make your own water slide out of a plastic sheet if you need to engage teenage kids 

add paint and make everyone wear a white tshirt over their swimmers!

8. Get their friends round for a water balloon fight

9. Sponge targets, we find a kitchen ladle/fish slice makes a good launcher for a wet 

sponge or you can go the whole way and buy some sling shots, improvising is half the 

fun. Targets can be what ever you like, so long as they agree to it!  

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10. Frozen T shirt game

Freeze four t-shirts in large water filled ziploc bags when it’s game time, teams have 

to break the ice and get a member of their team in to the t-shirt first to win!

Have a wonderful summer x

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