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If you're swimming laps in lanes there are a certain number of rules that are good practice to follow:

1. Judge the pace, it varies, for example at lunchtime I am in the fast lane but if I did that at 6.30 in the morning I would drive everyone else nuts early in the morning I am definitely a middle lane swimmer.

2. Diving is fun but if it's too busy no one will be impressed - just terrified

3. Toe tapping to overtake is the international swimming custom, personally I find it a physical intrusion and would never do this to a fellow swimmer if there's enough space to overtake I don't see the need to announce myself to the person I'm overtaking. If anyone has any other thoughts on this we'd love to hear from you. 

4. If you have to toe tap please do so gently

5. Don't dive in when it's busy - no one will be impressed

6. Use your common sense don't insist on doing your tumble turns if the pool is busy you have to be sure there is enough space behind you. 

7.If you take a break at the end of a lane tuck yourself to the side and wait for a decent size space to start up again, don't start swimming again right in front of someone

8.  If you cut people up in the pool and whack them on the toe you are going to annoy people. Remember your manners and share the pool nicely. If someone stops to let you pass then skip your tumble turn and thank them, it creates a better atmosphere and no one needs to hear a raging row, we swim because it's calming!

Happy swimming x

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